The current market price is US.275990 (down -3.02% last hour)

Hoping Hydro will get listed on your prestigious large exchange. Hydro is a great project with great future ahead.

This is what I miss about the club

Bittrex - Volume changed on ZCoin (BTC/XZC)! Price: 0.00150600 (+2.32%), Volume: +49.20%

Without , all your protests are just hollow revolution theater.

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Binance gives free money through airdrops every month ! Friday, 18 January 2019

Something wrong with TrueUSD reporting on your end?

From January 16-17 Genaro Network has increased more than 1.81%

my fav was dream since it was prereleased but nowadays is just SO good, and ballads arent usually my thing before bops but here we are.... odd sense, eternity, boss, chemistry wow you did sumn!!

Analysts covering Bitcoin Diamond look at the -0.84% fall on January 16-17

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Attend our American Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan public meeting this evening at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the Fridley Civic Campus. Listen to a presentation as well as participate in a question and answer session. .

() Daily Price Forecast – January 15

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1. Williams played tennis a non contact sport 2. Black people wearing beads has nothing to do with the common safety rules of contact sports 3. All girls who played contact sports follow these rules black/white/other and are aware of them 4. The rule is a non issue

Thank youu

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hasnt had any innovation compared to , it is less secure and has more centralised decision making, “smart money” stays away from it (check below graph), its trusting your money to some random guy who doesnt have a “skin in the game” and acts as a dictator.

Idiot!! Doesn’t even understand plain English!! Yes I know what tipboat is and in this scenario it’s a friction between ur wallet and my wallet

VeChain reflects on 2018 and reveals upcoming goals for 2019/

Estate of Columbian Cartel Kingpin Claims Tether Crypto Is Untrustworthy – Cryptocurrency: The News

Something similar is happening to me, seems any tweet I had about tether is being liked, even if old

France is moving Bitcoin forwards by introducing OTC sales in tobacco shops! Coincidentally, the french also do smoke a lot

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post article - GXChain Officially Realized On-Chain Decentralized Governance … via

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December 29-30 was a bad day for Dynamic Trading Rights after -0.62% decline

Keep up your great work Vanessa you’re one of the good ones!

r/ - Cryptoglyphs: How the Bitcoin works

A stable only tradeble with 1 usd :) If you have a usd can be trade with, why do you need one more token to be sure it can be convert to the 1 usd :) :) There are only 2 options for fiat stables. 1; Regulated Fiats 2); Decentralized & Regulated stables. Like ; Paxos and TrueUsd.

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How will Destroy Bitcoin Explained

Huobi Token Trading Up 2.2% Over Last Week (HT)

Last time also the service request SR00000TVXL9 was raised and the complaint was closed as soon the due date arrived even though my issue was bot resolved. I want to ask whether 10 days for network adjustment is not enough?

1:Neblio Offers APIs in 8 Popular Programming Languages 2:Neblio Opens The Door for Businesses to Adopt Blockchain 3 Neblio is the FASTEST Blockchain, faster then , ,

they made it very "corporatesque complicated" vip status blah meaning it wont be a lot..why not just puting 50% of commissions are shared with token stakers plain and simple like ,they are taking risks huobi bitfinex are coming.they could have locked in a strong base..

7:00am AGAWAM WEATHER: Temperature 31.6°F, Wind Chill 28.0°F, Dew Point 30.2°F, Humidity 94.0 pct., Wind 3.6mph N, Rain 0.0in.

Delphi nodded excitedly, taking a step closer. She noticed the all too familiar tending of the muscles as she waited to be hit. She took her hand and said softly, “I won’t hurt you.”

Kyber Network price: .16 We checked! Binance registration is currently open  

"Giants’ General Manager Is Noncommittal on Eli Manning’s Future" by ZACH SCHONBRUN via NYT Follow us on Twitter

From to well wishers and skeptics

SYSHUB Version 1.0 launched! Syscoin’s proposal and voting portal is now out of beta and live.

YouTubeCrypto News: Bitcoin Private, Raiden, Bakkt, Genesis Vision, Stratis, Ripple (end of December)


Cash is a currency, but not a payment network. Paypal & Visa a payment network but not currencies. is both a currency & a payment network simultaneously. Let’s change the world!!! 0182824268 •leave your comment...

Imagine Kavanaugh suing Christine Ford for making their intimate moment (that, apparently never happened) public.