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if valkyrie is in endgame she will team up with carol and nebula to DESTROY thanos

Top 100 avg 1h return: -0.2±0.9%; 36 up, 62 down -0.1% -0.1% Best: 1.9% 1.9% 1.8% Top 101-200 avg 1h return: 0.3±1.9%; 41 up, 58 down Best: 13.7% 6.7% 4.1%

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Bitcoin - 10 years old Litecoin - 7.3 Dogecoin - 5.1 Ripple - 5 DASH - 5 Monero - 4.8 NEM - 3.8 Siacoin - 3.6 Ethereum - 3.5 Decred - 3 PIVX - 3 NEO - 2.5 IOTA - 2.5 ZCASH - 2.2 NANO - 1.7 EOS - 1.6 Cardano - 1.3 Some will grow & thrive. Others will die. Choose wisely.

US Bitcoin Investors Lost .7 Billion in 2018, 61% Unaware They Can Claim a Tax Deduction

They are all from the north and had working class upbringing. Class is nothing when you set your mind to something. One of them was a marine. One an ex drug dealer, one did a gas apprenticeship and decided he wanted out of the UK. Another worked in bars to get abroad

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If I was a digital asset financial advisor and a customer wanted to spread 25k around in digital assets I’d probably tell them to put 70% in xrp , 10% in ada , 10% in trx and 10% in vet and if you feeling really saucy throw a bitcoin cherry on top because of 1st mover advantage

Bilkul sahi kiya nikal kar CNG cylinders we need gas for homes and factories

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pk thunder is insane for edguarding too… ness why are you so fun

What does "u ft working" mean? Most of my time on a daily basis is with eosDAC, but I work with multiple projects including Steem, EOS, and others I advice for.

ICN Hodler Report - Q4 2018

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If BJP starts replying him in Hindi instead of English this bubble will burst.

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What happend with bytecoin???

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Are there any folks currently involved in bitcoin who are advocating for the proper approach or go forward plan, in your view? eg are we entirely lost in the wilderness, or do you think there are still voices advocating for the right direction?

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Honduran mom and children in iconic tear gas photo allowed into U.S.

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Can I build the perfect mean of exchange? ;-)