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Sacking Sarri will be the worst mistake in the history of Chelsea, he brought new evolution to chelsea and everyone have seen it, playing with useless players will always make him like fool, is about time Chelsea board should break their bank and get him the players he need

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin XRP ALTS Technical Analysis Chart 1/20/2019 by

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Even as crypto becomes mainstream, the illicit use of Bitcoin is growing

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So ethereum classic was supposed to be a good short. Doesnt look like it’s doing much worse than eth

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All the amazing shit has lined up for 2019 gets me rock hard

Phillip Carl Salzman notes the centrality of studies profs to spreading the myth that "Islamophobia" afflicts the US. & house centers on the alleged phenomenon, while "Islamophobia studies" is on the rise in the West.

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It’s obvious you aren’t capable of following or understanding anything of what I said. Your foul mouth just confirmed to me that you are unable to have an adult exchange. I’m done here.

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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Technical Analysis: Token falls yet again as market looks bleak -

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1 DOGE Price: BTC 2019-01-13 22:33

Just checked in to our flight with . As government workers and a veteran it was nice to have them wave our luggage fee. *extra treat=sleep masks thank you Jet Blue!

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Waiting for the first revamp by John of “will it blend” for - first on the list then

Limitless Venture Group Inc., Acquires Majority Interest in First Medical Cannabis Care Facility

Lympo Blockchain for Sports Foundation via /r/BlockChain

ConsenSys Backs Icelandic Startup Co-Founded by Ex-Chair of Country’s Central Bank * * * * *

Bell Nexus air taxi concept could ber Uber’s first flying car.

When I saw this I thought, how stupide can be for letting the man do this. There are no bad people there BECAUSE the WALL is there! If the man had balls, he would go to where the real action is - where there is NO wall. What a joke CNN has become.

Hope you all have a blessed & productive day

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8 year old noctis, in a bunch of blankets: help!!!! im under attack!!!! 10 year old ignis, busting down the door: HIGHNESS … ? Most holiday home owners on Devon Hills & many of Haulfryns other holiday parks are living permanently on those parks The park confirms, just show your names on a gas bill on a different address

TRON Cryptocurrency (TRX) Plows into the Green as Bitcoin Price Stagnates

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This might become a global threat to

There are 16 people in this ~32 seat theater! (Don’t worry I’m tweeting during credits)

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Olusegun Obasanjo, former president of Nigeria, addressing us right now, states that governance is an important pillar to improve Africa. We must get the way Governments function right.

Looking for a final nugget of motivation for 2018?

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Not a surprise if Mehbooba visits Militants home her father did it last time released Militants in exchange of her sister they have played this drama in past and playing now but now the time has changed and these tactics are useless.

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Heal (upgraded hero power), Voidform (Death Knight), Mind Spike y Mind Shatter (Shadowform) Volunteer naturalist training - Youngstown Vindicator

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Thank you for getting my new ticket to me so promptly. Always a bit of a worry at this time of the year with the Bank Holidays. This time it is my first ticket which required a signature so important I was at home for delivery. Being used to 4 weekly I wasn’t expecting a new

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