Unfortunately, I have a feeling there are a lot of private schools for privileged offspring of human waste with a similar student body "ethos." This one just happens to have a higher-than-normal ratio of absolute morons

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They have received entire payment, and also taken my old mob in exchange... Repeatedly requested them to do their investigations or lodge police complaint but send my item without any further delay..They never give email ids or numbers of responsible customer care executives

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Whoever did this should be arrested... and thrown in prison...

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Set intentions, pray & meditate together before Sacred Energetic eXchange.

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Bitcoin... Diamonds are worthless

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Inevitable... this is a word I look forward to hearing in regards to in the coming years. It’s INEVITABLE that bitcoin wins in the end...

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Looks good to me. Will try to play some games this week. Love the "mining" rares concept. Cool way to reward early players and bootstrap engagement.

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Varsity boys hoops caps off an exciting triple header sweep over Buckeye Valley 53-52! Now 3-2 in MOAC play... JV wins again 43-41, Frosh win 7th straight 61-36! Great night teams!

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Is this the bull everyone is waiting for?

"It is not a goal, but a process―the process of creating the perfect Phyrexia." 《Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur》[NPH]

A budget to viability would be great also. I didn’t sound like the runway was sufficient enough. Can you elaborate. Limping to main net is not really a strategy. Basically if this is a true coop then let’s all participate

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A few weeks later...

just wanna say a massive thank you to everyone for making 2018 such an awesome year. looking forward to sharing new music with you guys in the new year. I love you all a very large amount.

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well... imagine users who usually walk to a nearby stream an hour away, but there is also a town with money and goods an hr away too, maybe even WiFi... with they could do two things at once.. with their new cloud mining coming... it will help, a lot

She finally fell asleep, next to Delphi( and it was berty comfortable. She breathed quietly, only sturing a bit at first, soon it was every few seconds. She let out grints of what sounded like pain.

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