Thought I rly did something mixin mocha with my caramel and steamed milk. Hot chocolate. My dumbass made hot chocolate.

I think is officially “Johnny Badass” instead of Johnny Wrestling now.

Chievo three-point penalty confirmed ⟶ via

reddit : SophiaTX Tokenomics: What Makes This "Blockchain For Business" Special

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There is one bitcoiner in particular who has been pushing decred. I believe this is because he is starting or has started a “fund.” Can’t really charge fees if your fund is just bitcoin, so boom, decred is also sunddenly important.

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//Nuuuuu stap I need to save my smiles for tonight’s concert!!! *throws cotton balls* revenge! Oh... oh... shut up, dork. You know you’re the better of the team.

They may be victims of their own demise, had dinner there not long ago and the food was from from great... true for that chain in general in my personal opinion... even Lakeshore downtown is sad to walk these days... so many unoccupied space

Bitshares had been using 4th generation blockchain technology called DPOS before EOS

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"Let me show you this video I just saw on Facebook" *scrolls for eternity*

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Why the Defense at ,000 Will Not Hold - CCN

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Sometimes I miss having a lil boo thang

(Ruff Ryders - Long Island Premier) Vesting Ceremony - 1/6/19 Sunshine and I got vested finally, we are legit Thanks to our "President" Jay Cass, and our "Sergeant At Arms" Nando for vesting us. Thanks goes out to all of the Ruff Ryders who were there supporting us.

I liked a video My channel is in trouble because of a joke

“If you wish to put on weight? Certainly.”

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Time to quite my mind to allow for inner inspiration.

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31 Dec 2018 Betting Tips

Did you board the WaltonChain train now?

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aero-mexico.eth was just registered for 0.01 ether

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges Delist Dozens of Struggling Altcoins....

Ughhhh. I’m so sorry I think maybe I wouldn’t feel so empty this year if it weren’t for the loss of my bff. She took her own life 2 months ago. We were the only family we had. Every year was hard but she made it bearable. I miss her

Remember when we bought pens from

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For All Y’all Females Who Ain’t Get Nothing For “Christmas” Yuh Was Ho Ho Hoeing For Da Wrong Nigga Dis Year Do Beta Nxt Year Ma

Do research before you make an uninformed statement. ARTIS holders share in trading fees like KCS on KuCoin or like BNB gives a rebate on trading fees on Binance. There is no investment/interest as you suggest, you should use your own advise and Google.

Bluzelle wishes all our community members and loved ones a Merry Christmas

Real creativity and great story telling comes from a mind that is free from the tethers of ideology. I bet you can’t even imagine what free thinking is.

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what did i accomplish in 2018? well i finally got that hysterectomy and the evil has been exorcised from my body. was there anything else?

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imagine how much better the world would be if resident advisor got rid of their comments section

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Dude, we get it. You resent white people. Just be intellectually honest so that you can have a real conversation for once.

Its hard for me to believe that Jim really believes any of this stuff. I mean look, we all know CNBC gets a lot more money for its ad inventory during bull markets, but pumping at every possible opportunity is just going to turn watchers into haters when the bear breaks through.

Scam Alert From KuCoin: Beware of Fake KuCoin Telegram Groups