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You want to sit on his head With your big bottos erh?

Wave played it well. I couldn’t do anything but he pulled through. Don’t hop on bomb and you probably win the game

Speaking of space time didnt einstein say they were the same? Wouldnt that mean 4 dimensions = 1 dimension

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75% of the government are remain so they will do everything in their power to stop it. That 75% + 52% national remainers, they are the ones crippling this island but they blame us, how deranged.

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you ever think jare I’ll chise this kin binne in if she wasn’t so bedonert in her kop

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If you are doing photoshop, take it more seriously. I feel pity looking at 3rd pic.

Somaliland’s Ministry of Mining & Energy-National Science Museum

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This is called a long con. I’m not splitting shit. Trust me, we’ll be in court for eternity.

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So you guys already have a working decentralised multiwallet? where can I try it?

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I never left Bitcoin. I support LTC because I saw it support Bitcoin in upgrading to Segwit. It may or may not help other important upgrades in the future. There is value in its ability to signal for Bitcoin where testnets lack financial incentive to hack. It is proof of work.

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Genuine dominant greedy Men in Their fag-bought leathers de recognition and re for Their Superiority and natural position in the food chain. The more lo that see it and respond, the better for all. is the True religion, and all subs should embrace it.

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Streamr datacoin

I would rather trade Emercoin on Okex

Thanks, Derek for this video. Well I recently deactivated my account So yes, I am enjoying my life now without much brushing with social media. The more I look onto social media the more I feel sick of the way people do things and what they decided to show to world

Ye that would make sense, establishing „areas“ for chains that can interact with each other would make a big difference in stability and scaling rather then mixin everything

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Hopefully Hunter can get this Comtois kid to settle down and play hockey rather than what he’s doing right now. It’s not the way we play kid You are the Captain act like it!

The contestants should only ask Clarkson questions about car makers logos and badges....

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i mean ofc not but its yoongi’s fault

Dad saw me with matches n he was like hope its not that ure smoking n I was like daddy dnt play ruff play

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