I figured out a way to end the shutdown. Gov’t funding in exchange for a Federal ban on the Patriots advancing to the From the looks of it, it would seem my plan would have broad, bipartisan support.

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Only Receive Coin Participating In The Membership.. But Tpay Holder Not Receve Coin ..?

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The sirin labs token (SRN) has gone from .5 to 3 cents and it may even drop more, It was a useless investment and everyone who bought the token have lost much money,

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How do I get it to load my balance? It asked for me to send the .1 to an address, but it’s not showing up after I received some xmr after downloading the app

Can you explain why this is or isn’t possible for Dash or vertcoin?

Paris. 18-1 Atlas by UBIQ Parisian Collection Event.

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I have had a look and there is a burst water main in the area which we are currently investigating. I am really sorry for the inconvenience. We are hoping this will be rectified very soon. Jo

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1/2 Biggest Gainers \ Top 5 # Name Symbol Price %1h 1 Internet of People IOP .154788 24.02% 2 United Bitcoin UBTC .29 16.94% 3 Arcblock ABT .105096 15.63%

Lmao baba the tweet burst my heard. I’d really like to think she didn’t mean it

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u seems nice person, ty. What is someone did not invested and it goes up ? I am tracking it for a year, not only price but company progress and bet, in 2 to 3 years I am getting 100x of my investment min

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Border Writing, a Multidimensional text that examines a newly emerging culture-space, the borderland between Mexico and the United States, [which] gives the geographic referent of the term border a centrality. https://www.upress.umn.edu

And between stable coins. USDT 146, USDC 152. WTF?

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You should sue Google for defamation.

The day that box fits in a pocket, Skycoin will reach $ 190, if the USD continues to exist ...

ICYMI: Daviess County girls picked up their first win of the season Friday. DCHS boys, and girls/boys of Apollo, Owensboro and Catholic all also in action. See full recaps and stats here: https://wp.me

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Returning to trading today after very good Christmas. Time to up my stakes after trading with £2 stakes to date, I feel I am more ready to up my stakes to £3 around 1% of my new bank.

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I was just revisiting a post somebody left on my FB page awhile back about losing a million XRP at Cryptsy. New people have no idea what can go wrong when you don’t control your keys. Bitcoin Miami 2015 was all kinds of awesome though.

Trying to remain optimistic that work isn’t too stressful this week, because it’s a short week and the attorneys will want extra work done.