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What is Bitcoin Gold (BTG)?

True story... some people just can’t articulate the changes well and some are afraid of the chain reaction of realising what will happen when they accept the change. It’s a hard one, especially if you’ve blended your life with the other. Fear of uncertainty is the driving force

COSS obviously but wait till I build my stack.

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The “fuckery” lol but seriously, Americans workers are “adjusting”, they are like: -I asked my mortgage company if I could walk their dog or do their laundry in exchange for this month’s payment. They said no.

is choosing to lay down the foundation in a different way than other projects and requires long term thinking. Personally, I dig it.

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RT halsey "so many dogs look so cold in the winter :("

() Price Analysis: Another Attempt to Break Higher

The Blockchain - based Bottos raised .000361030500000002 on January 5-6

lnD can be written for any btc.core based coin. swap resolver can be written for any lnDs. you can integrate non-btc.core based coins, too (eth with 0x for example). lightning is more than scalability. its the interface for trustless interoperability. coins begin to realize that

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Investing In A Crypto Business Or A Cryptocurrency – Which Is The Better Option?

I’m really not a cowboys hater, you’re just a typical cowboys fan tryna gas up your team. Cowboys don’t win big games on the road and guess what, you’re playing on the road. There’s a fact for you to sleep on bud

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You guys need more Reddit moderators. There’s literally spam sitting on the front page and spam signup links. I spent on the project. Ffs make me a moderator on Reddit.

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Use DAI, support - avoid USDT, USDC, & whatever other dollar back coins there are. Use a real programmatic stablecoin with governance. Don’t settle for the imitations who are a year behind. Support for DAI is support for the growth of real decentralized stable assets

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"youre supposed to ignore the fact that 80% of a group is edgy far right trolls" lmao Maybe learn a little about the criticism of war, the centrality of the plight of the jews to some comics, the criticism of police brutality, etc before you act like you know about comics.

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Zcash CEO Defends Brave In BAT Scuffle

Bitcoin Stabilizes as Most Top 20 Coins See Mild Losses * * * * *

Huobi Token Achieves Market Capitalization of .39 Million (HT)

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im dying the only reason i dont talk about vanguard as much as i use to is because toku took over my life and im poor as shit,,,,,,,the reboot didnt 100% kill my interest but seeing most of my decks be sidelined kinda hurts