pretty good. I laughed at the end, though, wondering what our “other methods of knowing” might be....

Substratum: A Blunder, But Not a Scam - TG Daily cryptocurrency

Join me at this wonderful networking opportunity here in Vegas. To register, call the California MBA at 916-446-7100. Hope to see you all there!

I’m just a little mad abt ppl who slide into my dms, and won’t ask for my number after countless exchanges

The token swap will start when the mainnet is up. Probably in February.

Check into Veritaseum, VERI. Not the easiest asset to acquire, but Reggie Middleton has great vision. Long term hold.

Well not so long ago there were hundreds and going back 40 or so years that was the norm so one question to ask is what happened to change this? Currently you can find them by postcode.

Please check out singularityNET token ticker AGI on kucoin and binance and on coinigy. Very cool artificial intelligence project

True. All we know is she was a nude model and now brought her parents over to be citizens. Chain Migration.

THEKEY is an identity verification crypto project that works closely with the Chinese government and is built on the NEO platform. China is making a push to work with THEKEY on research of blockchain applications in social security services.

But who is gonna connect them all together and then ethereum to bitcoin. I see couple of projects like wanchain and polkadat working on something like that but not sure who is firmly ahead in production.

Shaula takes the lead all the way home for a win in the 5th with Christian Aragon aboard, winning double tonight for Christian

Malware Epidemic: Monero Mining Campaigns Are Becoming a Real Problem

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Perfect sense. CEO 2019 business plan is to go with his gut.

Daily work update of members from the scry channel.

Ok I don’t think there is anything more fun than the idea of going to the funfair with

Some of us are lucky to launch our products and services, we print up business cards, go to events to get customers, but because we are probably two in the team we both can network at the same time. We interchange who stays in the office to field customer requests.

Men swear they got a good fit but all they got is white baggy ass pants that hang lower than their balls, a chain that’s too long, shoes that look 2 sizes too big, and a true religion shirt that “goes” with the shoes. maybe a hat if it don’t fuck with their new haircut

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Shame on you really! Once at 65 cents and now 0.001. This is the craziest rektiest coin ever

Not much longer to claim your free MANA!! For those who dont know decentraland is a virtual reality world on the blockchain

Thats good to hear

Because 2018 is so last year.

1 Bitcoin ( ) Dollar: 4002.94$ 1 Bitcoin Cash ( ) Dollar: 1,58.77$ 1 Ethereum ( ) Dollar: 149.35$ 1 Ripple ( ) Dollar: 0.36172$ Date: 8 Jan 2019 19:5

The proof of concept is done for now, but a working multi-wallet should be the first thing for cloud chains inc to build in if I am not mistaken, starting Q1.

Biggest Gainers (1 hr) Aurora 13.24% Holo 7.78% Bitcoin Gold 5.7% Cryptonex 5.19% Monero 5.15%

Litecoin Improvement Proposal is being formally standardized by as LIP-0001. … … This is history in the making.

Remember that our HIGH WIND WARNING (including waterfront metro area & San Juans) and HIGH WIND ADVISORY (including foothills, Hood Canal & Strait) go until 10 a.m., but the peak wind for most of us is right now. Strait/San Juans will get a bigger burst 4-7 a.m.

RIP ICOs: 2019 Will Be the Year of Enterprise Blockchain Tokens

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Poll: What do you think about Zclassic?

If only you could tweet it to the left hand side ! The blockchain for token is Highly worth floating

Bitcoin News Overstock Makes Key Executive Change at Blockchain Subsidiaries

It’s hard to overstate the extent to which petulant manchildishness revealed itself in 2018 as our ethos of power. … via

Not Monaco?

Capitalism is normalization of stratification.

Chimpion, Bitcoin Diamond partner on merchant e-commerce using crypto - Mobile Payments Today

Is The Environmentalist Left Conditioning Gen Y-ers To Hate Ontology?

I see you have a lot left to learn about how politics works. First, Bernie had about 4% of the name recognition and public awareness as Hillary when he ran. Within months he started out-raising her in funds. He won the popular vote in several states where the college went Clinton

High performance blockchain and blockchain tools 2018 and 2019

Where is the team?Is KC the only person?Why no answersny updates on DECO,DBC,VNX,DPT,DPB.Will VNX & DECO continue?DBC Mainnet delayed without any notice VNX was to run on DBC Mainnet,so now what? KC is great,but where is the rest of the team?No responses at all.

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•Are you a dev? You need DDSS to access all of the services and features of Dragonchain. Gain access to the platform with just 1m DDSS. •Also if you are a dev, DDSS grants you discounts on services in the marketplace, like legal help or smart contract templates.

From my understanding Quant allows you to write a smart contract in their language that can be applied to any platform without needing to rewrite it. Chainlink connects systems through APIs. There is some overlap but I don’t see them as competitors.

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