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Blame Banks for Damaging the Environment – Not Bitcoin … via

Top 100 avg 1h return: 0.2±1.0%; 61 up, 38 down 0.1% 0.0% Best: 6.2% 3.6% 2.9% Top 101-200 avg 1h return: -0.0±1.5%; 50 up, 49 down Best: 5.5% 4.9% 3.6%

AMA with - the Cryptographic Monetary System - November 27th

Biggest Gainers (1 hr) THETA 6.9% Aurora 4.11% Loopring 1.26% Ontology 1.09% Siacoin 0.89%

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Meme remixed rings true to glass makers life, film at 11...

Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Diamond and Bitcoin Private are not going to have future.

well done, you climbed 4 places to # 21 on Blockchain Top 100. … via

Adds to Reduce Overhead - UNHASHED

iExec RLC One Day Trading Volume Reaches ,806.00 (:RLC)

After all the professional reviews and build up for the new uk performance centre and Nxt:UK takeover Blackpool I needed some amateur stuff. Thank you

drops -1.03% in one hour. drops -2% in one hour. jumps 2.01% in one hour.

Blockchain Market Things To Know Before You Get This

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THAT’S 2! Lattimore with his 2nd pic(ture time) for New Orleans, this one will seal it. Rams vs Saints rematch in the NFC Championship.

Hola buenos dias I would like to share this news for you to know about the Kucoin World Tour in Bilbao, Also about the Meetup that will happen in Ho Chi Minh City, Sign up to join KuCoin Meetup Kindly read it here:

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Japanese Regulators Deny Interest in Bitcoin ETF

I Just learnt i can request for a change of voting center from the former state to a new one. You have no reason not to own a PVC.

SONM Q&A session. Special: Top blockchain news (November 2018) Our Q&A Special, the first of its kind, turned out to be really stunning. Sonm …

GXChain Price Reaches .56 on Major Exchanges (GXS)

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Meds bodies react once off meds. Brain stops making serotonin when on the drug and once off people go thru rough period to get back in balance. I think this is a real possible explanation....not flu shot

Why? So a few miners can get the jump start and then control the network? To date, has had the most open and reasonable launch. Most people calling the decred launch inappropriate dont understand the mechanics behind it. The hybrid mechanism killed the chain split bug.

whats ure take on vin & daniel claiming is an "NPC" through copy paste meme of Litecoin..its worthy of a thought (charlie is great i must say)..does that make (who is also a legend) an "NPC" through bytecoin fork of Monero-or did xmr de-NPC through coding

Following Fortnite’s Acceptance of Monero, Investors Optimistic on Crypto

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GXChain Officially Realized On-Chain Decentralized Governance

Yosemite is one of numerous national parks that remain open but are sorely understaffed right now while parts of the government are shut down. … via

Sana SaaS for E-Commerce: Your Questions About Updates and Customizations Answered

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[ANN] MESG - Build applications. Connecting any technologies.

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My wifi hotspot on my phone has been buy bitcoin for years

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Ethos Bedrock is a high-performance Blockchain Financial Services (BFS) platform. Bedrock’s powerful abstraction layer is designed to make blockchain and cryptographic protocols accessible to financial institutions as internet protocols. Learn more:

Patience is a virtue..... Natural growth No pump and dumps True Believers Loyal passionate community Decentralised No CEO Constantly progressing Most superior UTXO Blockchain Long Term vision Big things coming 2019

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WowBox download kernay per aap ko milain gay 50 tokens bilkul muft. Step 1: Wowbox install kerain. Step 2: Apnay gift tokens hasil kerain.

They say the artist is one who uses lies to tell the truth....look at every bank that said they weren’t getting involved into crypto... they are preparing, and they are accumulating, food for thought...

SYS/BTC Volume Advance - Syscoin (SYS) 24h volume advances above 30 day average -

Top 100 avg 1h return: 0.7±6.1%; 53 up, 46 down 0.3% -0.3% Best: 56.7% 14.6% 10.8% Top 101-200 avg 1h return: 0.3±2.5%; 54 up, 44 down Best: 14.9% 8.3% 7.5%

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Bkp supporters: media strategy change karo..aggressive ho jao..fake propaganda timely burst karo Bjp: