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Again, it’s the application of that level of vitriol (real? demonstrative? No idea) to a constantly churning random outrage cycle that’s unique. Again, the centrality of journalists to it- particularly, as in the US, when they esteem themselves highly as a class- is also unusual

Establishment product Beto O’Rourke’s road trip drives home his message via

Frosted Flakes and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, we been on this mixin shiiii boi! Let em know cor

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Is it funny or even more telling that (censorship-resistant VR on chain) is a thing?

Maybe they do not know what Bitshares have to offer.

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Jio services is very poor at our location PPGCL,Bara. Net speed mostly runs around 2-3kbps also voice network is very poor. After complain to Jio care they replied different solutions to different person at same location. I request to Jio please improve N/W services.

You for got about that one instagrammar Rofl

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Woah seeing "Promising Chinese upstarts like MATRIX AI Network" mentioned right next to well established companies like Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi is quite awesome!!

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Even if we assume AWS cost cited by (/mo) is a realistic cost: Is that the cost which drove developers like and to ? Its time fans stop living in la la land. If u dont like Infura, offer a competing service. Simple!

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decred-gominer - Go (golang) based GPU miner for Decred.

For the past one hour, heavy fire crackers burst in Thiruvanmiyur Kamaraj Nagar. I have two special children at my home. Both are literally crying. Painful to live here.

I have to return some video tapes via /r/Monero hot in

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I love that we have Chapuys’ sources for Catherine of Aragon, but yeah it seems irresponsible to not look elsewhere when one is writing a book about Anne Boleyn

You know I said about being careful of phantom... I forgot illager patrols were a thing.. and I have now died to a vindicator. So that’s it for the hardcore world now

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Got access to Google Earth Studio but.... looks like missing some extensions from Chrome

3/3 Sac, fetch Lotleth Giant (22) Include 1 copy of Riverwise Augur in case you have a combo piece in hand and then you can substitute it in for a Firewheeler and still have enough damage to deal exactsies.

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Dear pro. How about CMT (cybermilet) and ABT ( arcblock). Pls give me idea. Thks pro

Like owning Reddcoin then.