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The Golem is The Apostle; on steroids?

Creative Concepts: What is Brand Ethos?

Moving today: Dentacoin : 14.12% Zcoin : 9.05% Mixin : 8.78% Loopring : -8.14% Augur : -11.39% Optimal Shelf Availability Token : -12.51%

Bluzelle CTO commented that "Consumers are becoming more savvy and it’s the brands who can show what lengths they are going to, to protect their data that will win out in 2019."

Hi we regret to hear that. It appears the rewards wallet was empty at the time you attempted to withdraw. Have no fear though all failed transactions are automatically retried until complete. Once the wallet is refilled tx queue processing will resume normally.

Have You Ever by Marsha Ambrosius

"A divine economy without a divine ontology is unstable and will collapse. Trinitarianism will dissolve into modalism; the theological unity of the bible will be swallowed up and destroyed by its diversity because it has no foundation in the one God who speaks"

Exchange News: Huobi Trials EOS Exchange, Sharespost Enables Security Token Trade

This is to ! We are with . You think you are healthy but your is the difference. …

Murray, DeStefani left college hockey to play another season with Phantoms - Youngstown Vindicator

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Oh my, what is this phenomenon? Mr. Curtiss, actually working on one of his own stories? Will wonders never cease? Well, yeah, they probably will, to be fair

No serious trader uses elliot waves, which is why most crypto "traders" use it.

SophiaTX registered -0.77% decline for a day

For a great contemporary book I would recommend Hans Boersmas Nouvelle Theologie and Sacramental Ontology: a Return to Mystery

U guys are awesome. I hope you, and rock this crypto space. If u guys joined forces, nothing could stop u

Tether - USDT Price: .02 Change in 1h: -0.13% Market cap: ,902,409,142.00 Ranking: 8

DEX is the future. Horizen crypto (zencash)

[ANN] [YMM] Yammy network official release | Smart contract | Masternodes |

Competition for Ethereum: Binance launches its own ICO platform

This is a truly classic moment in crypto history. Thank you for all you do, . for lyf!

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Bittrex - Volume changed on Groestlcoin (BTC/GRS)! Price: 0.00006349 (+2.70%), Volume: +30.16%

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Besides hurting leading digital assets and throwing curveballs to B-list coins, the bear market completely obliterated a series of scams, parodies, and general money-grabbing schemes.

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I added a video to a playlist San Holo - lift me from the ground (Lyrics) feat. Sofie Winterson

created MN and no credit given! Its like mention 5 cryptocurrencies with uses cases and omit BTC...

Yea it’s all on Brees like your losses are all on Mahomes right? Reading your shit is making me dumber, I gotta go

Over the past year, Dragonchain has continually made large strides in you can read about those highlights below!

I Am Not Yoruba, I Am Nigerian, We Are One – Falz

The current price of one DOGE is now: 0.00240750$. One MDOGE is worth 2407.5$! Total volume in last 24H: 355495599.36637002

Circle trading system http://1.It allows trading orders matching for partial or full order matching at a given or better price, so the users can increase the profit. 2.Separate calculations to make a circle trading done faster for order matching operations.

So peed off with BT. Still experiencing problems with broadband and now landline is affected too!! Can’t contact online for support as only page it loads is the feedback form!!! End of my tether. You want feedback take it from me- you are crap!

I remembee coming to Sun Nails before they started making bank. Now every time I come in they’ve added some new shit Growth

1. Showing a bullish Divergence on 6h, 12h, 1d, 1w+ broaden falling wedge 1 year long 2. 1800% till ATH 3. Cybermiles V1.0 Launch on 31Dec 4. 31 Jan On-Chain MVE 5. Bitcoin is going to the moon within 3 days.

How to Keep Baby Jesus in the Manger? Bolts, Cameras and Tethers

My wish is to win that and buy a bunch of ps4s to give to children with cancer. Brighten up their lives a little.

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just letting you know we have a privacy protocol with the name Lelantus :)

For the first time in many years had negative cash from operations (£7m) before spending (net) £103m on players, £8m on stadium and £2m interest, leading to a £120m cash deficit. This was funded by £75m new bank borrowings and £45m additional loan from Moshiri.

Monero price: .91 Binance fees are 3-5x less than Bittrex !

Credit Suisse Looks For Gold Prices, Mining Stocks To Rise

Hi, i would like to share this news, for the other updates of KuCoin Platform 2.0

Civic Nation BrandVoice: I Am A College Linebacker Tackling Sexual Assault: Why I Oppose The Proposed Title IX Rule Changes

Biggest Losers (1 hr) DigiByte -1.3% Veritaseum -1.29% Factom -0.91% Moeda Loyalty Points -0.78% Cryptonex -0.77%

cross chain networks like blocknet, LN tech making rapid strides in quality (see 1.1 spec), fee-free designs and incentives in dpos, building secure complexity on top of "focused" btc via taproot/mast/schnorr/sidechains/layers instead of on central printed bitconnect/ethereums.