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, Byteball , Ardor , Particl , ZCoin looking into but looks innovative

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Exactly right, unbelievable how dishonest and unprofessional this project is. There is no comparison to what Vechain is doing, although WTC are constantly trying to hype it up by highlighting awards, and fake partnerships.

Need to give this future a listen .... some of future old music has got me through some ruff times

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Warhammer 40K Our Inquisitor has finally after 4 years found his prey. "How long have you polluted this world with your breath? One century? Two?" "Inquisitor..." *Our Vindicator* "Not now" "...it were three" *V* "What?" *1 singular Lasgun Shot* "Blood, for the bloodgod" *Group*

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Biggest Losers (1 hr) Pundi X -2.28% Chainlink -2.23% Cryptonex -1.95% Holo -1.66% Populous -1.05%

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I guess bitcoin shills are disappered maybe their employers stopped paying them after failed pump attempt.

Why need a password?

Moving today: Augur : 27.04% QuarkChain : 24.09% Chainlink : 14.56% TrueUSD : -0.18% USD Coin : -0.28% Waves : -2.25%

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A bit like the10percent libdems or their coalition austerity loving chums the Tories strange how you slag off corbyn who campaigned to remain but also said he would honour the result still you can vote Tory to protest against corbyn and austerity whilst blaming him for democracy

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Shouldn’t this be directed at your player reps? They are your huckleberries. Or all the players can self fund and support each other. There are many medishare models already.

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You guys are posting the obvious, how are you guys getting a piece of this market with your product?

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Looking forward to read the report. Thank you for the reply and keep up the hard work

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Prob one of the safest coins to hold for the upcoming months (In value, USD val depends on BTC) (My opinion, no shill)- Chart looks very good - coming Q1 - - IMO best social media mgmt in the game

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Dentacoin is my favorit

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I love Manny. He gets Miami culture. Just need to clean house on offense and get this ship moving forward.

“If you have unfinished business from the past put it aside and welcome fulfillment or true exchanges of live into your life.”

has no real utility & no sustainable governance plans. Any can claim to be a “storage of value”. is a 1st gen chain that’s a federated system with a central point of failure (a 51% attack). No privacy & advancements/transactions are slow & utility changed...

Wolves have gone 3-1 up at Wembley! Disaster for Spurs as goals in quick succession from Jimenéz and Costa put a dent in their hopes of closing the gap on Liverpool... https://www.pscp.tv

Yesss!! Be awesome if Undisputed Era do what they say and gonna take all the NXT gold!

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A great city is not to be confounded with a populous one.