Nice try, but that’s just another example of Labour infighting from a now disgraced MP who had nothing to do with the Remain campaign. Unless you think the Remain campaign was a campaign to get Jeremy to remain. Thanks for engaging, respect to you :)

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Heh..bring it.

That moron also says the fusion dance is homophobic, or insults the fanbase by comparing them to bronies

Coinstar launches bitcoin purchasing feature at kiosks … via GeekWire

Genesis Trading and BitGo Team Up to Enable High-Frequency Crypto Trading

Decentralizing the Cloud With Siacoin

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What Is Theta Token (THETA)?

I don’t expect it to be catch and release. There were zero good exchanges in the entire match, over 8 minutes of which was spent on feet

Yay! New 6 blocks: 638.46 GRFT (285.27%), 972.02 LTHN (158.48%), 971.99 LTHN (15.87%), 971.99 LTHN (16.22%), 48.59 RYO (143.72%), 28802.14 TRTL (33.21%)

I liked a video Munde Patt Te (Full Song) Jass Bajwa | Latest Punjabi Songs 2019 | Ripple Music

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I‘ll look for the name and tell you later

It is correct now. Before it was linking to a github called Substratum but not Substratum Network. Thanks.

Exchange News: Huobi Trials EOS Exchange, Sharespost Enables Security Token Trade

Elastos Weekly Updates – 11 January 2019 … via

9,990,000 transferred from Tether Treasury to Tx:

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Binance has the most volume of any crypto exchanges ! January 09, 2019 at 08:00PM

Could not of picked a better man for the job, nebula is one of the most hard working, down to earth guys I know, a fucking legend in the making, amazing guy

Did IBM Just Break Blockchain? High Tech FUD , nice computer but it’s not hacking bitcoin anytime soon ⁦⁩ ?

9.) The fact they did this indicated this extra 702 BCH was not meant nor intended to be treated as legitimate ICO contributions. Which if we’re being objective shows possible nefarious intent.

Siacoin two targets by trader Merrie published January 04, 2019

TRX/USDT preparing new bullish trend

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GXChain Officially Realized On-Chain Decentralized Governance

Top 100 avg 1h return: 0.1±1.3%; 39 up, 59 down -0.1% -0.2% Best: 9.2% 5.6% 3.1% Top 101-200 avg 1h return: -0.1±1.6%; 36 up, 64 down Best: 5.4% 4.1% 3.9%

Top 5 Alert Time: 2019-01-05 17:20:02 : ,860.651 : .397 : .357 : .039 : .732

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It all comes down to this. If you had a trillion dollars of excess capital. Would you park it in real estate and diamonds or the ephemeral nothingness of bitcoin.. hoping that someone else would pay the same in whole or part in the future. Bitcoin is too risky...

Keep in mind that liberals are on the side of that evil cleric. They think the hijab represents freedom.

In case y’all never took a biology course, your prefrontal cortex isn’t fully devolved until 25. Google what that part of the brain is for. Then stop blaming teenagers for being “simple minded”.

Just out of curiousity... it is an advantage for You to be running 10 programs on ? Or would it be better to reduce and focus on fewer programs?

[Today’s coin] Today’s biggest risers are OneRoot Network (), up 42.40% and Raiden Network Token (), up 28.67% during 24 hours before.

YESTERDAY by Block B () ♫

Astronomie foto van de dag: The Witch Head Nebula. Fotoinfo: Copyright: Digitized Sky Survey Processing: Utkarsh Mishra

and a for the #(thc, , and )

The National Stock Exchange () index which closed at 10,859.90 is now opened on a positive note above 10,900 near 10,910.35, 50.45 points up. Read more at:

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The first lab made diamond happened in 1955 & now they are so flawless that mined diamonds can’t come close. The same will happen to gold, not to mention the massive supply available on asteroids & other sources. As a result Bitcoin is a necessary part of human evolution.

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This is why a single global currency (like bitcoin) won’t happen, says online payments company CEO

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Tomorrow’s To Do List: Pedicure Bank Carwash Clean my trunk out Mall run Buy a new phone mount for my car Ross Take my labtop to get fixed Buy more hair I’m already tired just looking at this list but atleast Ill be getting some time to myself without kids or my household