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Perhaps it was unwise to tell ISIS that it was no longer a threat ... He failed to realize that people like that would of course be proud of their status as terrorists or warriors and act to prove him wrong. It was a big gaffe and miscalculation. And, leaving our allies behind

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the incoming snow made me dig out this picture from blizzard of ‘78 outside Clark dorm. Great memories of a great school and good friends

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How to I get in touch with anyone at ?

Reordered these in holo ;0;!!

That’s true I suppose though I’d argue that’s very appropriate to this expansion at least going by Before the Storm and what’s happening to Mekkatorque though it’s a bit of a side step it’s not unrelated.

Greco, Fichter, Beylin, Kakizawa all left before product launch. What is going on?

I can so feel it !!! Vechain gonna be bigger than massive

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Which Bitcoin? Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Sv, Bitcoin diamond or Bitcoin Gold or are you talking about a new fork?

If you are not going for a brand new one, I would highly recommend 997 Carrera S "LE".

The US regulatory environment right now is filled with uncertainty. And there are pipeline projects being blocked all over the place -- gas in New England, KXL to cushing. Companies will invest where they can earn a return. There is no mythical jurisdiction without uncertainty.

Hard fork Ethereum Vision Classic - 11/01/2019: All those who hold Ethereum will receive Ethereum Classic Vision (ETCV) the ratio of 1:3. I hope that ETCV will make great strides this year

People will always disappoint you, to remain happy you must learn how to forgive, forget and move on.

you going to for this sh1t

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Bernoulli Fact : this version replaces the Lovelace algorithm from to . This enables truly trustless computing resources to join the network. It helps to prevent bad actors from attacking the network or unfairly profitting from it.

Biggest Losers (1 hr) Holo -4.18% OneRoot Network -2.28% MobileGo -2.23% Veritaseum -0.92% Elastos -0.69%

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Biggest Gainers (1 hr) Aurora 2.57% Nexo 1.53% MobileGo 1% Binance Coin 0.94% Decred 0.87%

Open up a new market by ending the Cuban trade & travel embargo. Allow US consumers to import Cuban cigars, rum, & sugar so that Cubans can earn dollars to purchase US goods, ag products, & farm & mining machinery from John Deere, CAT, etc. creating jobs in the USA.

By violating the etic definition, do you mean slavery and exclusion of women (and indeed the centrality of nativism and exclusion to the polis) ?-- in fact we could structure this as emic praise vs etic criticque

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guys have you approached for listing? is ok but withdraws and deposits seem to take forever.

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...platforming of controversial/unpopular voices and the limits if any of free speech. Ironic given the subject matter of rehabilitation and the centrality of remorse to rehab. I don’t (yet) know what I think but it *has* made me think so thanks for that

2/2 Biggest Gainers \ Top 5 # Name Symbol Price %1h 4 Litex LXT .002377 12.05% 5 Storiqa STQ .000464 10.07%

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thanks for creating this resource my nine year old kid is progressing very well!

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