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Hey Alessio, the tutorial will be up tomorrow morning for DexWallet for both xDai and POA :-)

It may, again not qualified, but there are not other options that retain the 21 million limit. Outside of legal means, which is a no go. It occurs to me Monero’s tail emission is not possible in sidechains, so no doubt these things have been considered and I’m behind.

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I love to see people scream and clap at the tv over sports. It is funny as all fuck.

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MPG on Ardor is interesting as well, I am a huge fan of Ardor liquidated equity stake for now since they get little notice during this pure speculation, lack of fundamental phase

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Send this to him so we may all ease the pain caused by the scammer. Data verification is what the platform of integrity is based on & it is called Bitcoin which is built on the chain of blocks known as blockchain.

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Of other nuances, the cluttered stellar maw ponders political positioning systems tonight

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Bitcoin Private had an underrated Twitter troll community, they gone now though

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Not in USD. Only against BTC. And only a maybe. USDT paired Alts are fairly safe.

Any live product/service on your network?

Project is really interesting, but the token has been slaughtered. Now 50 satoshi, ath 4000? Ooooufff...

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