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/ ChainLink: With looking so bad and a inverse correlation between them; we will see a 13945 Sats retest and break of that. The heavy buy-side volume and sudden accumulation illustrates that we will see a clean break of that level to retest the 15K Sats ATH.

Model 3 is definitely not faster, and very much not funner.

“Somebody’s Getting Fired”

So many people so blind. XRP = power to the Banks and hidden powers behind them

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Rice freezes really well. Cook a bunch and then put it in single person containers. When you need it, just zap it in the microwave a bit. You can also add it to soups and sauces still frozen if you want. It will thaw in no time and cook in nicely. Just FYI.

Zilliqa (lauch main met 31st Jan).

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The Crypto coin Stakenet (XSN) declined $-0.00143333969999999 on January 11-12 -

Hey, check this out: [Exchange News: Huobi Trials EOS Exchange, Sharespost Enables Security Token Trade - The Bitcoin News] (via Quarry app)

We will pump coin on Binance today … zgbnaradrk

Germans r in a state of shock over our stupidity, schadenfreude over our stupidity, derision over our stupidity(see Heute Show)&an immense sadness over our massive self-harm. Dunno abt "unprepared" but somewhere in there, a sense of we deserve it for making war upon ourselves.

Lmfao I’ll have bitcoin unicorn , some bitcoin lite , just a little bit of bitcoin galaxy with a side of bitcoin dark and top it off with some bitcoin supreme def gotta lock these up in escrow

If you have purchased any Ring products, listen up. Ring let employees watch customer videos, claim reports - The Verge

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My best moments with my son Grant who is my champion and partner in Space Fashion and Blockchain I love his music and he is best Blockchain Space Hip Hop between Los Angeles and Warsaw…

Bitstamp: $ 4019.24 Coinbase: $ 4020.01 Kraken: $ 4019.6 Average: $ 4019.62

Name: Bibox Token Ticker: BIX Platform: Ethereum Token Type: ERC20 Total Supply: 269,944,749 BIX

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Still waiting to hear from one of you liberals that thinks trump is going to get impeached. Give me 20 republican senator names that will jump ship to impeach trump if any of these democratic losers bring it. YOU CAN’T!! So stop fantasizing about it. Sorry to burst ur bubble!

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The Substratum of Society – just some observations

back at the 3k sats range Thanks to the ones who sold me so cheap. Bought all the way down and I’m now in a +-50% profit from my lowest buys BTW the stakingrewards are

Do yourself a favour . Review and see what a real cryptocurrency ecosystem is . Not the white paper and shell coins out there . Once you discover skycoin, you will never look at any other cryptocurrency

Top Cryptos See Modest Gains After Wavering Earlier Today * * * * *

Delphi giggled, this satisfying glow that she hasn’t had in days seeming to dance in her eyes. “Okay... what now?” She thought about it for a moment. “Oh! Who else have you met?” She asked curiously, the tentacles moving dramatically as she talked.

Booooo reasoning. Required? Allowed? Love the grandmother hypothesis but ur argument is chicken-eggy. Did infant helplessness precede allo-parental investment? Probably not.

, the that lets you be compensated for automatic downtime ends today on -

wait and see.....i got a vergecurrency feelling with them....Soon, almost, at 90%, last details working on, in testfase.....just wait and see.... At this point benefit of doubt.

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Opposing facts and respecting my opinions that differ from yours frustrates you. I enjoyed the exchange. Happy New Year, good health and prosperity!

IAM Platform Curated Retweet: Via: … MATRIX VS DeepBrainChain, NeuroChain

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& SEOUL MEET UP!!! Partner of DACC Foundation Sky Co-Founder of DACC Celine Co-Founder of 499Block Sissy CMO of DACC Lucine Korea Director of DACC Kang chung do Blockchain time CEO Kim sung jung Huobi Yo ro zhang Huobi yoek sun DooriLab CMO Bit SSong

U.S. Department of Defense Explores Technology.

Long Bitcoin. Short The Banks. via /r/Bitcoin

Sorry to burst your bubble but this league is where a shit club like yours belongs

Groestlcoin moved up to .27870597 on December 23-24 -

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies - Current Prices : ,172.74 - Bitcoin -1.75% : .42861518 - XRP -2.55% : .71 - Ethereum -2.29% : .95 - Bitcoin Cash -2.76% : .95 - EOS -3.37%