Pull Up, pull downn, Spit Game, exchange, then im outtt come on

There is no saving from a scam. already made money and delivered nothing. Everything that happens now is just pep talks and vaporware tech progress coasting so they arent investigated. Like all icos

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Trying out a new trading system: New entries 1. GO/BTC @ 615 sats 2. Strat/BTC @ .00028 btc 3. GVT/BTC @ .00101 btc Still in Wanchain and ontology stops at less than 1.5% loss for and stops at break even for and

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: +0.02% 3737$ Top (last h): : +13.72% 15702st : +4.43% 14526st : +3.05% 93st : +1.70% 302st Worst (last h): : -4.06% 11st : -2.34% 20st : -1.29% 29374st

Kingsley Moghalu on restructuring “ We shall have a constitutional restructuring of this country and be not choked by Abuja centrality, we shall have an inclusive administration based on merit, from Sokoto to Ibadan they shall be represented by their best.

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Good day ETN Community, Do you know what will happen to the ETN coins that was left on Cryptopia when they got hacked? Will the coins be returned to the customers?

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Think about all the memes. So off putting, but really what was happening was a bunch of guys hoping their research would pay off while making fun of themselves for thinking that.

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* - ENJIN COIN * Update Dipped a tad lower than I wanted yet plenty of good signs we may have our higher low. Potential supports on the way down now become resistance.

You interviewed Sergey Nazarov a week ago (I think). Chainlink raised money in 2017 and still hasn’t launched a product, only a testnet.

Exchange News: Huobi Trials EOS Exchange, Sharespost Enables Security Token Trade

All I saw was the ears and head. Absolutely stunning puppy. All the best to you!

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When the Earth exploded

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be of this looks amazing -trendline strong -Stoch RSI oversold -MACD oversold -longterm downtrend broken -strong continuation pattern -mainnet release Q1 -volume picking up -build on the codebase

Tried the new feature looks awesome

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Got a letter from my bank today suggesting a new savings plan. The Government Shutdown Preparedness Plan. It’s double taxed to support congress during this difficult time. Seems like a good idea.

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Christmas funfair in Princes St , from Calton Hill - sooner them than me ... @ Calton Hill https://www.instagram.com

Check out , usefull token that is already used in a lot of events, EU project

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Come to the annual Phelps Homes Day at Grimsby Library on Sunday, January 27. A fun fair with tons of play-based literacy activities for your family to try. Our friends will be there as well to help us promote reading & learning in the community. See you there!

Moving today: Credo : 69.12% ETERNAL TOKEN : 52.47% http://Game.com : 29.54% http://Game.com Dividend Token : -19.13% Iconomi : -20.96% Linkey : -29.93%

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Amen! GOD IS a CONSTANT PRESENT HELP at all times! GOD sees all and HE is our vindicator at all times! No weapons of evil ever fashioned against any of HIS children will HE allow to prosper against us. GOD is destroying the work of satan as we speak!!!

The weekly re-balance revealed the top performing to be . is the largest exchange by volume and trades differently to most given it has utility with the ability to reduce fees meaningfully by holding it on the platform.

The Tokenomy Team, along with our friends from Indodax, Lyfe, and Honest Mining, held a roadshow last month. Visit our Medium page to find out more! Read more:

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