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Having problems with guild browser at the moment. Just goes to loading screen.

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Feature idea for the stats page: Right now there is display for USD, EURO, and CZK prices. What if you added a dropdown menu to have the ability to choose what currency you want to see PART prices?

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Russia would then still hold tokens on the forked chain? Besides Bitcoin doesnt care about borders, boundaries or nationalities. Away with you Bot!

How do I stake with my Syscoin. I have had my Syscoin in my Syscoin Core Wallet for a long time, but how do I stake and earn more? I feel like I have missed out. Thanks!

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I’d rather listen to an all time great football player than a guy who averaged 1.4 PPG in High school

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i get a heart attack every time I log into zepeto and see all the new photo poses or clothes they add it takes a toll on my fake bank account and emotions

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Gotta find the Bitcoin priv key and then import it into a LTC wallet.

ETN On Bittrex that would be nice

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Nonono come on man, retarded wolves and neeson moping around + bad support? Really?

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he said ubiq all raffles off and gotta wait till 3 but he gonna run to major for me and see what they got

It is very tedious talking to well paid technocrats and financiers who have zero interest in changing the way they behave or invest. Meanwhile, many will merrily squander the pensions of others and chase the foolhardy rainbows promised by ETF / Bitcoin / derivative conmen.

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Lol this is true... Luckily I got a shit ton of gold/silver mining stocks and so far they are the only thing left standing in this market...

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You post is a exactly how it is! Xrp overvalued and Dragonchain is a real product for the future.

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