Rate3 Crosschain tokenization & identity manager platform for IOST,Stellar,Ethereum Listed on Huobi, bibox, marketcap 470k $ very good liquidity. Active github and over 20 VCs invested to token sale. Havent ever been pumped. 3 testnets online already 2018 mid coin.

On the daily & 4hr it looks clear to me. Anyone else see this reversal diamond?

The equation N=(1+r)^t causes one to think of virality as going quickly to either 0 or huge. There seems to be slow virality.

This girl’s cute and hella chill but i’m terrified of rejection, socially awkward and on the verge of thinking if i’m asexual or not

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I hope is smart enough to list Reddcoin becouse its deffinitly a coin that will be used daily in the future

To borrow from Tim Snyder, this conservative - like Trump - celebrates the American version of the politics of eternity.

Wait I might actually already do this. It just looked quicker. Basically dash forward, turnaround so you get the skid animation, then uptilt to cancel the skid?

Bearing in mind has been in since I was a toddler (back in 2014) and the excellent communication between teams, successful coin-swaps back in SummerCoinV2 times. I think deserves an /USD pair. Thanks Bittrex!

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When he come back?? Look at that dent n his forehead.. you know what that means

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Geography was once on the side of Guadalupe fur seals, denizens of a remote island hunters rarely visited. https://www.hakaimagazine.com … via

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The ultra wealthy - your true enemies - could care less. To them you are insects.

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. Gearing up to take the fuck off. . Willl easily x100 with the work and partners they have. too

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Wow, just finished up my tek skyscraper on my ark pve server

I was all over the satellite radio sports today, of course after I listened to your podcast...even after DG said that OBJ was signed and not to trade him, every show was saying the giants should trade him

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They are justifying the 83 coup! These Buharists have no iota of shame. May we never be cursed with these kind of human beings ever again

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Who is YOUR WORST WWE/NXT FEMALE Superstar of the year 2018? Please RT and get your votes in for the Public award of the Podcast later this month FINAL:

Which cryptocurrency would you ask the Cindicator Hybrid Intelligence about?

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Exacly! I think he is crying like a baby if BTC drops 50%.. Nobody want to lose money, even its money you can afford... Those people want to talk like big guys but behind his computer he will cry HARD