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guys guys, I’m a little bit drinky at pre(si)dent: I propose to be standing up here in front of you and to sing my favorite songs until something good () happens to this great country ... laaaa chansoneetteeeuuu...

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They will all pay by spending eternity ina place they dont want to be and it will be hot.

Can you point out to the awesome work?

: The for uses a variety of along with a decentralized protocol to provide and automated .... Richard Ma, Co-founder and CEO of

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oof alert sounds would work better

Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: Tron, Neo, Cardano, Binance Coin, Litecoin

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imo she can support if she wants, her choice, her friend. but she’s tryna dismiss his punishment, to end it, and doing that by dismissing the centrality of his victims, shifting focus to his daughters as victims, which they are, but of a problem of *his* making. wish she saw that

IT doesnt matter how great the news and developments. The coin only gets worse

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Hang in there sis

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DRC: Human rights crisis looms ahead of declaration of election results

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Won’t call it negativity but stupidity! We’re top of the league and lost a couple a games but we’ve loads our injured to come back! Orta got a grip this season and seems to be bringing in good players who have all bought into the ethos! MOT!!!

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Power Ledger has responded to intense scrutiny

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reddit : Earn tokens for your next workout using Dallas Mavericks’ blockchain app Lympo

Hello Atomic, Any plans to add in Theta Token into the Atomic Wallet?

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celebrated syudada’s birthday by bringing her to the funfair. ugh im the greatest bf everrr

Sir the common man is unable to change ATM cards due to non availability of New chip cards with the bank. Kindly extend the time for the same.

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Totally true and I definitely agree... I mean just look at us we r so obsessed with this person that we created a gif chain... And we r in no mood to stop it...

Here are the top five North American concert tours for 2018 (includes average ticket price and - Youngstown Vindicator

Its so sad thta people try to find negative things when its not....its just dark humor and i thought it was funny after it was explained

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