Gold can be confiscated. But I suppose they can use torture to get your Bitcoin private keys.

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Discovering Inconsistencies in PubMed Abstracts Through Ontology-Based Information Extraction .

Big steps for the team! The is a great window where to show tech, and IoTeX attracted a lot of attention from IoT companies, as the only solution tailor fit for the IoT with solid preserving transactions

Major car manufacturer SEAT has joined Alastra consortium, focused on the development of blockchain technology

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I’ll exchange my empty words for their meaningful ones. I should feel guilty, but I don’t feel anything for anyone

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has both criteria that I seek.... 1... does etn coin have a purpose ? Yes 2... is etn ready for mass adoption? Yes Equals win win in my book

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Groestlcoin (GRS) is a cryptocurrency utilizing Proof of Work – No ASIC currently exists for Groestl and it is unlikely that one will be developed for it anytime soon. GroestlCoin will be ASIC-free for the foreseeable future.

Bitcoin Can Be Worth a Lot or Zero: Money Manager Bill Miller

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They’ll do it, in the end. MSM just wanted to jerk Trump’s chain to prove that everything he says about them is true.

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You are ignoring the fact that taxpayers (your customers) with this level of earnings will just leave and end up paying nothing. The world is global now. It isn’t 1950 where they have no choice but to shut up and pay. From revenue generation perspective alone, this will backfire.

I guess it’s a moral issue then but to me cryptos should be invested in because they will be of use in the future. What would be the use of a fork of Bitcoin other than to make a quick buck off the back of other’s ignorance/stupidity?

Firstly why is it again Absa, Vodacom,MTN??? The numbers remain the same but surely the devices that is used are not the same. How did the crims get the internet banking passwords??? Rvn is sent to the app. This must be a syndicate in the bank and Vodacom, MTN.

‘Crypto Needs Rules’ Says New Gemini Ad Campaign

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Paytomat Adds Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) to Supported Currencies – PRNewswire

Loom network and bluzelle buy signal.

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As bitcoin ends the year down nearly 80%, investors predict better days ahead

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Loopring Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

The goal of defining intelligence is not something to start with. Why some people perform better is. Then if it is useful to list the findings under a particular term, it can be done posthoc. Otherwise you are not doing ontology but “essentialism.”

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The presence of awareness is the wellspring of unalloyed love. It is the center of creative intelligence. The continuity is an illusion leading to the age old epistemological debate of consciousness as agent or the substratum. There are no answers for this in Cartesian world.

I wish ETN LISTED on binance

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Agree, and with SmartMesh as the ground last mile, we can provide Internet Connectivity to 3.9 billion people without Internet.

Bitcoin machine in my local gym. Greece. via /r/Bitcoin

“Got no words or no emotions Just a zombie in the motions Ridin waves lost in the oceans Thinkin bout death and mixin potions”

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Majority of U.S. Muslims now support gay marriage, while white evangelical Christians remain opposed

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