What’s your top 5 and/or projects? Mines If you have to ask why, you haven’t done enough research ;)

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C’mon Richard, have you driven any electric vehicles with that torque punch? I know EV won’t suit both of your ‘fast and loud’ mottos, nor the gas aspect of Gas Money, but there’s a lot to embrace here. EV hot rodding & restomodding is a thing that will only grow, trust me.

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Ascend, Mithril Ebonymason!

I should really stop doing price imports on live server. It should be fine now

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Sorry but i disagree. If the tokens only purpose is to be an exchange token then yes, otherwise no. For example, bnb has a lot more use cases than just as an exchange token

Biggest Gainers (1 hr) Waves 2.33% DigiByte 2.04% Chainlink 1.89% Cryptonex 1.34% Crypto com Chain 0.97%

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Oh boy Forbes is like your own newsletter these days! Pls tell us what valuable problem are you solving, anyways! Manage energy transaction? After all this hype, another Forbes article makes no reasonable sense now!

shibuya (ft.San Holo) / Effloresce by COVET

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You already said it 2 tweets ago. Prices on gas initially dropped under Obama. What else you’re proud of?

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25 billion for your wall in exchange for DACA is nothing? You used 6% of last years 1.6 billion for border. That’s nothing? You sure can lie Donald.

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I liked a video http://youtu.be 10 Best WWE NXT Matches Of 2018

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Vertcoin is going nowhere without bitcoin. Vertcoin will be dead if everything goes that low.

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The reason coinbase doesn’t add XRP is simple , Coinbase is loaded to the gills with ETH and Bitcoin and it would be financial suicide for the owners to add XRP making investment in useless outdated coins like Bitcoin valueless .

Zcoin Releases Academic Paper on Lelantus Protocol to Tackle Privacy Blockchain Issues -

1 Bitcoin ( ) Dollar: 3732.86$ 1 Bitcoin Cash ( ) Dollar: 1,37.69$ 1 Ethereum ( ) Dollar: 101.33$ 1 Ripple ( ) Dollar: 0.35440$ Date: 20 Dec 2018 4:38

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