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People attribute too much to market cap. It’s really about how much can you shake loose given inflows. Long term holders have to be convinced to move coin to exchange wallets to sell. Price climbs when people are onboarding in volume. Price action draws people in. Some % stay.

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i recently ported but facing issues, sms not working and when somebody call it says number does not exist. I called your cc they raise service request. I regret porting to jio. Poor network and no stability at all.

Dogecoin Vs Ethereum : Which One Should You Invest In?

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Bitcoin Update 15 My Ichimoku settings are the best in the world All iz well guys. I would de worried if it dropped to 3850. 3740 is an excellent, organic drop for 5200 target

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GenaroNetwork / GenaroCore: Decentralized Storage Network

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GXChain Officially Realized On-Chain Decentralized Governance

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Announcement on Waltonchain Super Master Node Recruitment Program Completion

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Why can be a valuable financial tool as a means of exchange resistant to censorship by countries ?

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These two parties have managed to destroy the middle class and usher in an age of record wealth inequality, and you still care more about party identity than electing somebody who proposes giant, sweeping reform on corruption and bad policy. You are the problem.

I have spent my Challenge Tokens foolishly and now I must go for the gold in the last batch of Screwball challenges to get the things I want. Or wait for new DLC.

so this happened today... my google authenticator was on this phone. how do i access my and accounts now? i had about worth in kucoin shares and bnb binance bucks so ill give you a percentage of whats left

Good afternoon, I wanted to know from you why they do not add stratis to new exchanges? I trade on yobit, exmo, bittrex only trades on bittrex, adding to new exchanges is also a good plus to all updates.

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