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3/9 For instance, until BitcoinGold was attacked, exchanges required 5 block confirmations (all of which the 51% attacker was able to reverse using his hashing power). Thus, immediately after the attacks, exchanges just upped the number of confirmations to 50 blocks or more. Yet,

Shitty coin deliveries nothing but smelly air

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This discussion is timely considering the centrality of water to all facets of our lives, be it in rural or urban areas

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Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Tron, Bitcoin SV, Cardano: Price Analysis, Jan. 11

Bitmain Scales Back Texas Bitcoin Mine - Texas Public Radio

Personally, I don’t subscribe to any political ontology that makes room for a Not-the-People amongst the People, so populism is always

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What Was The Highest Price of Bitcoin Cash?

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So as long as you accept it, it’s ok? Do you accept overpopulation, destruction of ecosystems as a result of fewer resources being available due to overpopulation?

Yes, and this is why we analyze by comparing seasonal trends and year-over-year trends.

Looks like has removed the video announcing their Bollinger Band trading strategy with ICO funds. What was the point of that section of the video anyway? To cause another PR disaster for fun? Why remove it now? Such a strange marketing strategy...

*Gladio, with exposed chest and abs* Fangirls: Oh amazing muscles, very macho boy *Ignis, fully clothed, with shirt with only one or two buttons opened* Fangirls: ASDFGHJKL

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Foreign Investors Interested in Crimean Blockchain Cluster, Official Claims * * * * *

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Quran loooks like a ghost

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Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC Primed To Gain Bullish Momentum

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken Adds Bitcoin Cash and Ripple Margin Trading

We regret to inform you that we have made the conscious decision (after reading this tweet) to pull all coverage of SD football JKJK

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crash substratum dumping all their and crashing eth and btc to make a few dollars on the puny amount of money they have left .... Ps. Hacking china is fucking easy . your a bunch of idiots

Bitcoin Cash Price Loses 20% as Bitmain Lays off Entire Team

Reactionk el sob7 akeddly

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Augur 20-day high! (0.00221586 BTC).

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To the whole world, I am sorry for my government. It needs to be torn down. And that oaf of a - let him be shat upon for eternity.

is definitely a strong pick! It would be nice if you could apply this framework to . Would love to hear your thoughts on it. Very strong potential imo.

That’s really funny. Honestly, I think I have less respect for people who voted for Stein then I do for people who voted for Johnson.