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Microsoft to hold HoloLens 2 press event next month https://www.theverge.com … via

What a year 2018! Cindicator is the most promising project I have ever known. I have learnt a lot from predicting in your platform. Machile learning is the future and I do believe that you guys are going the right way. Keep up your good work !!

those and an icon commission are my projects for today

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TheKey TKY has to be the best project in Crypto and just flys under the radar. Every roadmap milestone met ahead of schedule. A joint venture with the Chinese Government that constitute a client base of 1.4 billion people. This is the awatd winning Crypto

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news headlines have had biggest impact on price movements. 86 in Asia (dominating the market) Since 2013, 11 major headline events from Asia resulted in average +/- 18.6% price changes. (largest was a -57% move) Look to Asia for news!

The black and white ending credits theme (I really like FL remix’s version of it on youtube), the wild battle theme from bw2, champion theme from bw2, castelia city, accumula town with the musicians playing, nacrene city, hugh’s encounter/battle theme, drayden’s gym in bw2,,,,,,

Media being as forth pillar of loctantra morally responsible to raise the voice on reducing 10 % seats from the share of talent So please raise the voice of talent

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Four consensus picks is going to be a cleansing nexus of wrong. Embrace it.

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Yay! That’s mine! Thank you

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Blockchain is an essential part of the solution for climate change and the Green New Deal. We should talk. RChain can help.

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You keep changing the subject. Sit calm, enjoy the Gas prices saving and give Credit and Appreciation to Trump Presidency. And please, let Erdogan crush the Curds...both are Traders.

What if the is simply forked with a reengineered genesis block for your hypothetic vision? All funds lost like now?

Biggest challenge to be decentralized exchanger since was competing against a few biggest centralized exchanger. is the first of exchanger decentralized owned by

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Guess what I did today? Cashed some savings bonds! All older than 10 years, and none of them had even doubled yet! Want to know the best part? The interest is taxable BUY BITCOIN. that is all

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Agreed!! Honestly “coins” are awesome, so much good tech coming out, excited for the future

I hope you a right, but as a former Global Supply Chain Manager, working with partners around the globe, such positivity is another hollow promise, broken. And one never gets that trust back.

* - ENJIN COIN * Update. Time to pay attention. Zoom in.