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no need for gas... this is just nick things you do this daily straight making people look stupid

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In 1970, Chip maker Intel purchased a pear orchard to build their corporate headquarters on

When you see an Anchor Weed...

New drinking game: every time someone mentions either deep learning, the blockchain, or the terms you already stated, you drink

Top 100 avg 1h return: -0.0±1.4%; 37 up, 62 down -0.1% -0.7% Best: 12.1% 2.1% 1.8% Top 101-200 avg 1h return: -0.5±2.7%; 33 up, 65 down Best: 2.6% 2.6% 2.2%

Come on burgers vote for this dude so btc can pump already

Analysts covering Particl look at the 4.91% step up on January 15-16

Biggest Gainers (1 hr) Augur 7.29% Chainlink 2.24% Status 1.57% Power Ledger 1.05% Gemini Dollar 0.68%

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It is difficult for the matter-of-fact physicist to accept the view that the substratum of everything is of mental character.

Allo CINDYYY en greffes ou tresses?

No one in authority - that’s the problem. We need some kind of face saving policy device and/or a shove from outside plus some balm for the reasons people who voted leave did so.

How Theresa May thinks it’s appropriate to remain in office for even another minute is beyond me.

What Is The Best Cryptocurrency To Mine In 2019? … via

Unless they have a clause stating they can recall at any time it does seem risky. They seemed to be on the verge of substituting TAA all game at the weekend but never did. Milner at RB...

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Haha same! I’m paying off my credit card this year but asked Adam last week if he fancies a week in LA...

The Daily: Hodl Hodl Launches OTC Desk, Decentraland Votes on Land Sales

Delphi kissed the top of her head. “Then I’ll find you. Whether you have to go to another state, I’ll follow. If something happens to you and you have to be in a grave, I will visit your grave everyday and tell you how much I love you.”

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Dj D Lux - Spin Wax Vocal THX sound

(im so obsessed with my layout.. my master did so great at editing and such. I love it too much. Credits in bio once more btw)

Also started cleaning and processing a fresh supply of pure golden . Care is need not to completely cover the kitchen gas hob and floor. More messy than extracting honey.

Supply chain w3lek 5eer, Engineering wise + commercial business development.

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now that you opened my eyes on the larger timeframes. I went and check other tokens that could have a similar breakout. Do you agree with the following? Thank you again for your time.

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Will it do a Factom though

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we dont know the agreements that are made. But on the website of plaak is clear that everone has to pay... You cant make an exeption for tpay

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I added a video to a playlist Toni Storm vs. Deonna Purrazzo: NXT UK, Jan. 2, 2019

reddit : Mavs and Lympo Partner with Blockchain Fitness App Where You Earn While You Burn

To you too bro! Have a great one!

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Tone Vays:is foretelling something that may or may not come true

TOP TO PICK UP 2019 ( my personal expectation) 23.12.2008 -Holo(HOT) 17,38% -Hydro(HYDRO) 4,17% -Qtum(QTUM) 13,08% -Ontology(ONT) 15,66% -Zilliqa(ZIL) 21,70% -Bluzella(BLZ) 12,37% -Ripple(XRP) 8,87% -BinanceCoin(BNB) 14,52% -VeChain(VET) 12,80% -QuarkChain(QKC) 16,07%

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Cryptofkrz presents the for 12/25/2018. Yesterday the best performing coin was with 32.23% increase. Meanwhile the worst performing coin Credo did lose 31.62%.