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IMO the best part is the precedent for how Bitcoin will be treated as property under the UCC. The bill allows for perfection of security interest via simple control, while currently a creditor is in a gray area and needs to consider filing a public UCC statement to feel protected

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: Sudan police tear gas anti-government protest in Kassala: witnesses

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civic nationalism may be the only solution to our multicultural malaise. we can not change the multiracial demographic. the only hope we have is that we can offer people a way out of welfarism and victimhood politics and embrace entrepreneurship and individual responsibility.

Did you not make a statement Kane and Southgate pay their taxes? Implying Lewis doesn’t? Which he does but I’m pointing out that a recipient of an CBE also lives in Monaco

Still here. Suspended but back so long as I’m nice about women who enjoy ball waxes and the pronouns of women who murdered little girls and name themselves after one of their victims mothers. It’s important to remember who the real victims are on twitter.

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