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Who even IS ViVi???? She’s this predebut enigma that seems to have had 30 years of life experience in like 2 months. She’s like a Barbie doll, she’s literally doing EVERYTHING. NO JOB GOES UNTOUCHED BY VIVI

ETRealty | Ceramic makers want separate promotion council

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Am not impressed by your looks, money, job title, social status or swag. But by the way you treat another human being.

Some Bitcoin Stats

*cleaning up your browser history

Joins , One of the World’s Largest Telephone Operators, Developing a Mobile Future

is just as bigoted as her closeted husband

Next training course with available spaces is 4th February. Learn how to with seasoned who are therapists with . We don’t just , we for…

Yeah... the truth is, nobody calls me. Discord is only for when I need to bother about Augur V2 or when I need to check in on the dumpster fire at RChain.

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at the breakout spot...

The big four in 2019: 1 Value ( - BTC) 2 Transactions ( - XRP) 3 Smart Contracts ( - ETH) 4 Data & Security ( - FCT)

Why Should You Attend Paris Blockchain Week Summit in 2019?

The President has been convicted of nothing. Therefore there is no basis for your position other than to start another shit storm and generate hate of the Russians. Enough of that already.

Yea like cliff said, it always seems to glitch and poof ur trx is gone... happened like 3 times, and they where on high bets. I wanna at least see it when I lose lol

Something out of the ordinary catches your eye and stirs your ... More for Aquarius

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Just discovered the show on AmazonPrime and I’m loving it. Definitely a nod to and crypto. Great storyline and acting. Check it out. Thank me later.

Great work! Definitely something to celebrate!

I said this when DG was fired and it was because I believed your reporting. The circumstances and timing gave all indicators. Can’t wait for the Luke and Cam drama to start when their dead money drops after next season....but where’s the news on the tether!!!

Interesting map

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Hey i knew Bitcoin was a con from the start. you had to send in real money for a shinny coin and find other suckers to buy from with your worthless coin.

1/ Roger Ver biggest advocate for Bitcoin Cash BCH also with interests in dash, monero, zcash & ripple. Got there by first believing in Bitcoin & investing in Bitcoin startups. BCH however is not Bitcoin

Factom is dangerously centralized and controlled by five people


In fairness there are probably quite a few decent social workers; it’s the ethos of the organisation itself that’s absolutely insane, disrespectful, dishonest & unprofessional. I’d guess most decent folk try for a while and then give up to work somewhere credible & honest.

New spreads: Arcblock (ABT) 5.46%

1. 990 billion are not being air dropped. Do some research 2.BTT is an IN NETWORK TOKEN ONLY. If it goes on any DEX it will be on Binance only. Its it the white paper. There goes your total argument. Cubefox Letter | December 2018 Update

Skycoin baby!

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Binance gives free money through airdrops ! Click here:   1546365227

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Biggest Gainers (1 hr) Aurora 2.94% MobileGo 2.4% Decentraland 1.62% Decred 1.56% Stratis 1.56%

2018-Dec-31 07:00 Hold Fund -Deep Learning AI- Foreign Exchange Market Positions on Major

FST NETWORK. This network was created to provide intellectual scalability, modularity, and convenience for the world of Blockchain which makes it a high-performance blockchain.

Hi community! I’m looking for an install a Full Node on Raspberry Pi. I’d like to deploy few of them in .

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