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reddit : WINGS is up +60% on the day on Bancor! What other markets do you see these type of gains within a 24 hour p...

QASH (QASH) Achieves Market Cap of .49 Million

124,60US$ 4,54US$ 01,19,2019

Kyber Network price: .14 We verified that Binance is accepting new users!  

McAfee is on Sale like he went with Docademic , Bitfix, Skycoin, they pay him to say its the future the best in the Universe after he gets his money you see him never more mention those companies, McAfee as president will be on Sale for the one pays the most! U blind if say no;)

going to check this out now

A wallet with 39 followers ! So very very big !

Thanks Kevin. 3 Films I loved to watch in my childhood (sometimes twice a day). 1. Star Wars 2. Raiders of the Lost Ark 3. Back to the Future

Stolen Ethereum-based tokens transferred to Binance and other top exchanges

Top 5 by Mrkt Cap Name Price 24Hr % 7d % BTC 3632.74771625-0.2 -9.35 XRP 0.326307378-0.4 -12.01 ETH 121.898842261-0.07 -17.99 BCH 127.487143624-0.91 -19.12 EOS 2.4339894284+0.8 -15.71

Kyber Network price: .14 Binance registration is now OPEN for limited time!  

Some  more . So there was that phone call. The maker of that type of wanted to feature this plant on the cover of the German „asphalt magazin“,…

what you think of ? 400k$ cap security token & identity manager (cross-chain, :stellar,iost,ethereum) platform listed on $ huobi $ bibox $ bitfinex

Go watch the Dame Dash Breakfast Club Interview and look up . Guarantee you’ll be in tears.

Ha! That’s a funny idea. . You need 50 GVT to start a program I believe. I think it’s best let it naturally happen... people will see they ignore GVT requests for TA etc... I do think that may need to pay some non-market related influencers to promo

2/2 Biggest Gainers \ Top 5 # Name Symbol Price %1h 4 SmartMesh SMT .007292 17.60% 5 TopChain TOPC .005504 16.75%

if there’s such a thing as a pasta maker, why isnt there a banana maker?? just extrude some banana from banana dough

Somali President decided to appoint Mr. Nigel Roberts new Governor of Central Bank of Somalia, this is the first time in the history of the Central Bank of Somalia will have a foreign Governor, since the Somalia independence 1960. Source by villa-Somalia.

HUGE Lot of 100 Unopened Old Vintage Baseball Cards in Wax Cello Rack Packs

SmartMesh Weekly(2018.12.24 —  2018.12.28) !

is it true you prepare POS aka Casper for this summer 2019!? Btw deserve casper asap... so no way to get 51% attack... Yes or No?

Yeah I’m slowly making my way through a second time to refresh my memory and notice more than I did the first time. On Sn 6 Ep 7 now. And also watching the first season with a friend who hasn’t seen it when we have time!

It’s a Ford Fusion from 2006 and it IS blue so I guess this is why I have a dick

Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bcash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Tron, Bitcoin SV, Cardano: Price Analysis, Jan. 11

Are you still in TENX? JP’s still in! Thanks!

The evidence of the fullness of the Holy Spirit is the centrality of Christ (Jn. 16:12-15).

I bet all you Bama fans are waking up thinking it was a dream. Hate to burst your bubble, but NOPE. That was a beat down

1/2 Biggest Gainers \ Top 5 # Name Symbol Price %1h 1 SophiaTX SPHTX .034668 40.46% 2 Soma SCT .039438 16.77% 3 RightMesh RMESH .032391 14.78%

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And they dumped roughly 2 billion tokens worth millions USD into exchanges. Did anyone read the company’s white paper? and wonder why there’s no mention of “dates” when the circulation supply increases? they can dump another 5 bn tokens anytime due to total supply being 10 bn

China Banking Body to Develop Multi-Use Blockchain Platform With Major Banks * * * * *

I liked a video FunFair Project Update With Founder Jez San

I want my film credits back also.

Biggest Gainers (1 hr) Crypto com 4.09% Bitcoin Gold 2.73% IOST 2.21% Cryptonex 2.15% Ontology 1.2%

Bloomberg: Bitcoin (BTC) Technicals “Flash Buy” As Crypto Recovers -

Correct!! "La Caixa bank" they say they do not even have 20% and it is one of the healthiest in Spain ... Santander, Sabadell, bbva, I do not even want to think when they uncover. Now God will not go to jail.

TenX - Join the Revolution - Anytime & Anywhere via

Distributed ledger tech spearheaded by is at the trough of Gartner imo. India will play catch up as always is what I think.

Cybergame Airdrop Bot: Enter your erc20 wallet address (no exchange wallet):

Siacoin registered -2.82% fall in 24 hours

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Sir we want examples of some option chain where we generally get confused on trend direction and how to predict for a short term with daily changing option chain thanks in advance i am really eager for the series

US consumer confidence falls this month to lowest level since July

Report: Crypto Industry Giants Bitmain and Huobi to Layoff Staff

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Bitfinex Crypto Exchange Launches Margin Trading for Stablecoin Tether

It does please me a little that, though they couldn’t see fit to make Ignis a fellow fire sign, at least my moon is in Aquarius.