Oh now they can call pass interference in this game

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I hope or assume and his team has resolved this problem by now since this happened over 6 months ago but is just now being revealed. Obviously funds are SAFU since nothing has happened with funds since then.

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I think it’s more appropriate to challenge why we have such a limited pool of players The premiership needs to a proper route into the regional game and the ethos adopted by the regions

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do you still believe in this project after you visited and talked to them? Mainnet launch was delayed, can they deliver? How big was their team when you visited?

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Exactly. On the surface it seems harmless and the message seems good. But do an ounce of digging into their motivation behind the ad and you realize it is blatant politically motivated SJW pandering soyness. Using , "boys will be boys", and victomhood as a foundation is BS.

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Setting aside the limitations of gene ontology grouping for a moment, could you highlight in that figure where IQ shows up?

I’m gonna play the ageism card and say I called his bluff immediately cause I’m his age and played sports with guys like him.. people were tougher back in your day and if they talked all that trash like him, they baked it up. Kids these days...

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Dear Diary. Today Chommbamass offered to give Occasional Cortex a ride back to District 9

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Am I seeing this right? Wow!!!! I think your peanut butter just got into my chocolate.

Substratum likely committed securities fraud and has potentially millions of dollars in unaccounted for ICO funds.

Matt claims CFTC looked into Tether for 6 months, and would likely have taken action by now if they found something, and that DoJ price manipulation investigation would peter out if solvency issues were proven. Why then would DoJ case just become known? Both cannot be true...

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2 reasons why ignis will be grey before he’s 30

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Connext is kinda what I meant, since it’s powering spankchain Regarding the others, all are good projects but... Is raiden in prod? AFAIK loom is not channels Funfair is a good example though

Biggest Losers (1 hr) Aurora -8.8% Chainlink -3.68% Insight Chain -0.15% TrueUSD -0.08% USD Coin -0.08%

Kucoin shares mcap is 2x daily volume BNB mcap is 0.66 daily volume Not some breathtaking revelation, but will be interesting to see it develop.

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