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doing what we do best, being emotional and impatient, no ML saab, let the authority do their work, let there be a CHAIN of command, we are either busy pleasing our rulers, media or the public, let their be justice in the true sense. be a solution and not the problem.

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... Great to see such programme in India after a long time.But will it last if BJP doesn’t get majority. New govt will disintegrate the very fabric of this programme. Politics/vote bank is priority. Wishing that,Nationalism becomes a powerful movement again. Jai Hind

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Gentlemens first.(graceful hand gesture)

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Sorry man, I fell asleep reading once I read Michigan. They need to beat any team ranked ever under Harbaugh before I care one iota about how they recruit. If these rules that you follow, have lead you to this, of what use are the rules - Anton Chigurh, No Country for Old Men

What happens if you purchased the downloaded version and need to download it again?

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Pretty amazing how an entire project can be based on calling bitcoin too limited, then get mad when someone says their project isn’t working.

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Hot damn this show does things.

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Do you have any idea what it’s like to serve? Don’t you dare act like you pulling troops out of Syria is anything but political until you have shown at least an iota of empathy or care. You care about self image and ego not our soldiers. I doubt your capable of it.

Ethereum and Bitcoin are already on the spreadsheet. Dash, I passed. Tezos might be good to look into sometime.

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I’ll vote republican for the rest of my life, because I’ll be voting democrat for eternity. :/

and I had been raised to believe in the power of reason, evidence, argument, and in the centrality of respectability, fairness and equality.

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