They will get ENJ coins if they want to mint. What so hard about that? You can easily get eth, enj or anything in an hour or less. Plus DEX multi-exchange integration is coming soon to wallet.

Bought 8k power ledger tokens

Partners Chainlink To Premiere First Remittance Platform For On-Chain Transactions

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According to World Bank Chief Executive Kristalina Georgieva, the new plan will put climate resilience on an equal footing with the bank’s investment in a low carbon future for the first time

Finders Fee has a show on 01/18/2019 at 08:00 PM @ THE TOKEN LOUNGE in Westland, MI

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KUSHIDA is such a natural babyface that he’d be huge in NXT and it would translate to the main roster.

Syscoin Visa like Tps for ZDAG instant transactions, merge mined with btc, multiple projects building on SYS, syscoin 4.0 and evm compatiblity coming q1 2019.

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Bigger than tron??? Google, 5miles, nba ticket... and do nothing...

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Exchange News: Huobi Trials EOS Exchange, Sharespost Enables Security Token Trade

Top 100 avg 1h return: 0.2±1.8%; 49 up, 51 down -0.1% -0.5% Best: 11.2% 7.6% 6.5% Top 101-200 avg 1h return: 0.1±1.8%; 47 up, 53 down Best: 11.2% 3.9% 3.6%

Amira Young clocks the top preliminary time at 7.54 seconds to move on to the 60m dash final at the Graduate Classic.

is a prove of work. is a promise that it will work like Bitcoin. Sooner or later ppl will face their dumbest decision in their life leaving gold for stones..

I completely agree and the banking sector of China will be the first who adopts a blockchain technology and change this situation. There are some innovative projects providing the acceptable speed of transactions, such as High Performance Blockchain for example.

Perhaps not as high in the spectrum as you were thinking, but Veritasium has a nice video about seeing in UV!

Bitcoin breaks to the downside losing more than

Apple MacBook PRO 13 (Early 2011) 16GB RAM 1TB HDD Customized Low Price ⁠

Japanese Regulators Deny Interest in Bitcoin ETF

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Tron supply 99,000,000,000 approximately 99 B x 1000 $ = 99 trillion TRON = (USA GDP + China GDP) x 3

* - Quantstamp * Game of patience. Lets see some candle closes

20 Millions HUBS Token Giveaway for Public Airdrop and TCASH Holders!

GXChain Officially Realized On-Chain Decentralized Governance

Zee Group writes to Congress president asking him to end the ban of Zeenews and requests him to send parties spokesperson to Zee Network debates. Network claims that , they are not the mouthpiece of any political Party or Government.

Hilarious. Most businesses are saying the trends show a bad future, but because it hasn’t happened yet you don’t trust it. Ok, so when a plane maker does his safety calcs based on probabilistic failure and then goes, nah it’s just a prediction that it says it’s unsafe....?!

Moving today: OneRoot Network : 43.45% Chainlink : 12.57% DigixDAO : 11.3% Veritaseum : -7.59% Linkey : -9.79% Digitex Futures : -20.92%

The weather snapshot for Thursday highlights the southern tier storm with excessive rain possible from LA to AL and a combination of snow and freezing rain from north TX into OK. Meanwhile, a stream of Pacific moisture will be directed to WA for some heavy rain and mountain snow.

Weekly Price Analysis Overview Jan.1: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Zcash -

Just wanted to share this. Aergo tokens from aergo competition has been distributed check your accounts if you participate on the event.

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The Steelers are in turmoil

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My first question ever cortex ke bare me thora explain kare kya hai ye lots of love

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Hanging with Angelfish & Filefish as they nibble on a sponge Reframe from footage captured using GoPro Fusion in our 360bubble underwater housing Now for some dinner for ourselves ...

ufc will definitly be leveraged towards in one way or the other their strategic partnership states that ltc exposure will benefit tokenpay (let me search the statement real quick, it was mentioned.. couple month ago around the time of the partnership announcment)

ah i see. thanks for the heads up, you are right i will include further heads up as a speculative guess in my future posts about it! thanks

The problem is Aaron Rodgers won’t talk shit. He will be fake about it. Gets guys fired, you hear it in the media, and then they act like he is the golden standard. I’d rather someone not like me to my face than work behind my back to get me fired.

I got the this & !!! Power Ledger exists to empower individuals & communities all over the world with access to electricity that is low-cost, reliable, and renewable. It develops cutting-edge energy solutions.

To be fair you where doing anime reviews but the review game is dropping off as well as most of YouTube. Honestly I think you should double down on summoning videos. They still do well for anime fans.. Look at Ryhme, Nano and D free. You have the subs you can still do it.