drops -4.32% in one hour. jumps 2.41% in one hour. jumps 4.32% in one hour.

Will love to see more Malaysian leaders dancing and showing their normal personality baru

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lemme borrow some? i was honestly thinking about going full dahmer and just drilling an inch and a quarter into on my right cerebral cortex like tj miller but that’d just make me wanna rape women so i decided not to

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2/2 Biggest Losers \ Top 5 # Name Symbol Price %1h 4 EvenCoin EVN .707917 12.60% 5 MediShares MDS .008517 12.08%

no news? One year ago I seriously consider NEM as a crypto leader, now I am not sure it is a key player...very disappointed

Nah this movie is terrible

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This is such a flawed definition. A block n+1 needs to reference the previous block n and so on. Hence the term blockchain. Ripple ledger contains the current state of the ledger, it does not contain any version of history. That’s why it’s called a hashtree and not a blockchain.

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The duality of a true icon

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The guy was looking at the balls first .... only Keane was doing it correctly

- As a first thing you should have cooperated with so that they put a remark about the TenX airdrop! Posting it only on twitter is irresponsible. I have missed the new tokens.

Do you watch anime? Ever watch parasyte?

“Instead of deep divisions between academic and vocational courses, a modular system of credits for individual courses would allow greater movement between different institutions and subjects” Not only more flexible and adaptive, but also potential for less polarising impact.

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15/ The existence of public (non-government) crypto will provide opportunity to those running internet only businesses or working all over the place. We may see the ability to be paid in bitcoin and leave terrestrial tax ties in the past partly or completely

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I think needs to explain to the drivers what Uber credits is. Honestly I’ll slap some driver if he tells me I’m fraud and I’ve done something to the system that’s why it’s reading 0.00gh. What nonsense is that?? Where was he when I was paying more to the previous driver?

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catching waves ft. you

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Favorite artists with a two letter stage name (Part 2)?

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"a wall, a fence, a barrier." Just build some chainlink fencing and let the big orange baby save some face.

demonic sports must be banned .IF we draw our happiness from pain of others then how we can claim to have iota of kindness

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The first task was to rewrite fluid simulator data structure. We had a grid that stored particle ids. Particle data was in one linear array. As simulation progressed particles in local nbhood were no longer local in memory (same cache line). L1$ hit ratio was 60%. That’s bad...