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I Like Bitcoin for all the good that it brings but Truth be told an account ledger is boring although necessary (at present). A game of chess is much more interesting.

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New Chainalysis Report Reveals Crypto Darknet Transactions Doubled in 2018

Getting dragged through the outfield with Creeko, Jared, and myself all holding one corner is an extreme sport.

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Aquatics Center reopens tomorrow! The water will be ready for you, even though staff needed their coats to be near the frigid waves last week.

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Great! I have been looking forward to the follow-up video to the one they did before New Years

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Factom is dangerously centralized and controlled by five people

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I do hope, however that any of these go to a flying 50-10000% increase ,

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"RT ManicureDiary: Zoya’s scattered holos are some of my favorite polishes! This one is Payton and it’s so pretty ... ZoyaNailPolish … "

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Soon more and more coins will be independant from BTC, and we will see a rise of alts

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And you know it free agency is going to be beautiful with the beard man behind it all

Telling by BearableGuy123 past tweets I’d prefer prosperity. But surely Bluzelle is part of getting there

Binance is one of the most prominent exchange in crypto.

I seen that TS in the bio next thing u know i became blueface couldn’t believe what i saw

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Bitcoin went up: I said it would Bitcoin went down: I said it would. My predictions have been 100% accurate

2018 crypto market. jackblack …

Hey Abdul! It is our mission to integrate blockchain into the real world & part of achieving that requires promoting new ideas & describing how our tech can solve issues in various industries now. Once blockchain is more widely understood these applications will become widespread

Building a Neural Semantic Parser from a Domain Ontology

indacoin doesnot send us the phone number verification code in Uganda we have tried many times on different phones but no code to verify phone number even if u wait for hours.

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Have felt need to send this to husband after having reached end of tether at being spoken to as another member of staff