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IOST Global Partner Program is in Full Swing, Community from South Korea Showing the Highest Passion

Why bother Australia will be submerged like Zealandia over time an ark

3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Crypto Investment Firm

Do some research on before you go judging! has enabled many of the to generously donate to organizations like , myself included. Any other projects you deem full of integrity currently helping out less fortunate with a more generous community

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I feel the same honestly. She thrived in NXT, and I thought once she won the Rumble, we’d see that again. Then Charlotte happened and... yeaaaah.

Verge has been hacked more than any coin I know lol definitely staying away! All in on

Attacker May Soon Be Located; Hacker Returns Funds - UNHASHED

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BOS Newsletter- One Day or Day O by BOScoin

They close accounts if you do anything remote related to bitcoin.

NavCoin Review: Introduction to NAV

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Even if the games created backed up with enjin coin were not successful, the items itself have enj value. It can be melted and have the enjin coin back in your wallet

Top 5 Alert Time: 2019-01-09 16:50:02 : ,044.176 : .734 : .369 : .549 : .834

we are happy, we developed our first blockchain for the control of inventories peer to peer combining multiplatform (java) mainframe (rpg) and transaction blockchain (C ++) high performance and coherence, we look for help

SV jumps 1.19% in one hour. Classic jumps 1.01% in one hour. Gold jumps 1.02% in one hour.

Why do I feel like txting her all the time? I best be checking my credits...

Dave Rubin Turns to Bitcoin for Crowdfunding After Alleged Patreon Censorship * * * * *

I liked a video Happy New Year Chris Chan! Weekly Update

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Yes, please ask about exit node IP logging, promised donation receipts, promised statement from NCF, addresses of 50% BTC and USDT hedge, cash flow strategy for 2019, etc.

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It’s crazy lmaooo I literally can’t stop the thought from coming into my head

! Bitcoin Ripple Eth Yankees Dodgers Lakers Eagles Real Balsa ◆ ◆ For the future From a little money !

deserve to be on . High Performance Blockchain have had an tremendous year achieving milestone after milestone and a lot of promising partnership (some are listed here ). DApps are migrating to HPB because of their 5000+ TPS and other features

If this is not the art for staff next rotation. Then some one has missed the mark.

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As we enter 2019, we take the time to reflect upon the progress we have made and also plan ahead for the future. Join us as we examine the latter half of 2018 in the DeepBrain Chain End of Year Report.

I get all sides, but sports arent about "most deserving" u cant tell me steelers wouldnt destroy most teams in wildcard weekend. Or some MLB div winners in past when a team 90 win team got left out. It is what is, As much as i question ND and OK, they only lost a combined 1 game

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SmartMesh * moved down $-0.00016158 during a day

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No to Bitcoin Cash: OpenNode Rejects Roger Ver’s .25m Fund Offer - CCN

Cash is a currency, but not a payment network. Paypal & Visa a payment network but not currencies. is both a currency & a payment network simultaneously. Let’s change the world!!! 0182824268 •leave your comment...

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tether is at 1.04 ,when tether become more expensive less people buy bitcoin thats why the price of btc/usdt feell first and now dragging the btc/usd with it

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Y’all ever had to eat nasty food in front of the person that made it?? An extreme sport chile

Nepa would still cut the power today don’t even get your hopes up.

Blockchain Killer Apps Emerge, Smartmesh Enable Space Ground Integration Network